A barrel of monkeys at Barrelhouse Flat

What do you do when it’s the start of your weekend, you have cabin fever, and it is 5 degrees outside with wind chills dipping into the negatives? You send out a mass text to your girlfriends to see which of them are crazy committed enough to wait for CTA to hop a bus or the L to meet you for some food and drinks at Barrelhouse Flat.

I had been wanting to check out Barrelhouse Flat since it opened a few months ago, after a friend had told me about it and that they had delicious poutine on their food menu. The cocktail menu already had me sold- lots of quality liquor including cocktails made with eggs and egg whites (my favorites). So it took 7 degree weather and the threat of another winter storm to get my butt in gear and head on out to the bar with gourmet popcorn, delicious meats, swank decor, fireplaces and lots of bourbon. SOLID.

Thanks to the lovely ladies- Tessa, Bridgette and Julia- for braving the weather and meeting up to share food, drinks and laughs.


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2 Responses to A barrel of monkeys at Barrelhouse Flat

  1. Claudine says:

    Mrow. Wish I could have joined. Looks super-awesome. Btw – I’m prolly due for another Chicago-in-Winter visit. 😉 Someday… someday…

  2. YES!!!! I go about the city all the time thinking about where I need to take you and Danny 🙂

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