Duck Fat- The Wedding Gift that keeps on Giving

Last night, the fine folks from Sunday Dinner hosted their 7th annual winter meat-extravaganza in the form of cassoulet. Cassoulet, to those unfamiliar, is a vegan’s worst nightmare, and a meat lovers sexiest dream. It is a very hearty stew-like dish that consists of beans as well as several types of meat, including lamb, beef, duck (and delicious duck fat), and bacon (last night’s bacon was from The Butcher and Larder, and holy GOD was it good).  Christine and Josh, the chefs from Sunday Dinner, created a meat rave for our taste buds in 4 courses. My mouth is still coming down from the taste high.

Kevin and I invited his brother Brian and sister-in-law, Courtney, to drive down from Milwaukee to spend the evening with us at dinner amongst friends as a wedding gift- the two tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony this past July. We figured the legendary SDC cassoulet menu would be a great wedding gift- delicious food, delicious drinks, laughter and a great  time spent together. I mean, aren’t those really the ingredients for happiness? Perfect.

Kitemath does it again

Some damn good bourbon

New (to me) beer- delicious, and from Wisconsin

Cassoulet deliciousness

Theo, or Dr. Who?



Such a Handsome Gent

Jen and Rachel

The Newlyweds

Some of the loveliest folks in the Midwest


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One Response to Duck Fat- The Wedding Gift that keeps on Giving

  1. nuprinz says:

    Oh how did I miss this entry? *sigh* I’m having lovely memories of MY cassoulet dinner. And truly, eating a meal with dear family is the BEST side dish, ever.

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