A Bazaar, Ducharme, Detours and Dinner

This weekend started off with a (what seems to me) recurring Friday snow storm that brought (already hellish) Friday traffic in the Chicagoland area to a crawl. Friday day was spent getting my hair done and then buying groceries, while the evening was spent on my couch with a drink, catching up on my favorite TV shows while the snow fell out my window. Low key was the phrase of the evening.

Saturday made up for my lazy Friday night. The day started off with a trip over to the Vintage Bazaar at the Dank Haus in the Lincoln Square neighborhood. I wasn’t really sure what to expect before I went, being that I only read about the event as a quick blurb on the Refinery 29 Chicago website. I’m glad I went- there were 2 floors of vendors selling all sorts of awesome vintage clothes and household items, including gorgeous mid century furniture. I found an intricate beaded dress, and I’m hoping that my sewing- enabled friend Geraly can help me alter it into a more versatile tunic.

I need a bar cart in my life

My find

After the Vintage Bazaar, K and I headed off to “Junk in the Trunk”, a brunch/jewelry party hosted by Ducharme’s own Bridgette Bramlage. Bridgette makes really wonderful necklaces and earrings, and as of late I’ve been eyeballing her “cloud” necklaces. I need to get an order into her STAT. Brunch fare was grilled cheese and tomato soup, made by the always lovely Christine Cikowski from Sunday Dinner.

I ate about 5 of these

Jen models a Ducharme necklace

After the jewelry show, K and I met up with 4 other friends for the Chicago Detours Historic Bar Walking Tour. Despite the single digit frigid weather, we had a blast with our tour guide Amanda, who took us on a really interesting tour of different historic bars (drinks included!) just off the beaten path of the Magnificent Mile. The tour included a bar that was originally a mansion, an old jazz club from the Capone Era, and a bar that was built buy the Shriners Organization in the early 1900’s. I highly recommend checking out Chicago Detours if you are in the Chicago Area.

Meeting in the Trubune Building

Tribune Entrance

The Ol Shriners Building- As Salamu Alaykum

In the Shriners Building

Chris- the multi media iPad master

The staircase in Lawrys

Amanda, our lovely Tour Guide

Post tour, the 6 of us headed to Chinatown to eat at Lao Sze Chuan and proceeded to stuff ourselves full of ribs, tofu (spicy!!), orange beef and rice. I have only two photos, as I was shoveling Chinese food into my face too quickly to take any pictures.

The weekend is always too short!!


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6 Responses to A Bazaar, Ducharme, Detours and Dinner

  1. nuprinz says:

    Sweet Jenkies! Great blog post. What great finds! I need to do ALL of your suggestions… and I lurve the cloud necklaces which metal are you getting. I don’t want to be all matchy-matchy with you 😉

  2. it’s BEADED!?? *cowersinfear* are you mad at me?? 🙂

  3. Claudine says:

    What a great-sounding weekend! We’re definitely getting old – this time, I consider ourselves lucky/ ambitious/ overbooked if we manage to get out and do 2 events over the course of 2 days.

  4. Claudine says:

    …er… and by “this time” I mean “these days…”

    • Oh Girl, most weekends (especially in the winter) mean couch + dog + movie. I think the massive amounts of people headed into the city for bars and whatnot sway us from dealing with traffic and the general insanity. I so feel you.

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