Rachel’s Wardrobe Remix

My friend Rachel is a beautiful, stylish lady who recently confessed to me that she has fallen into a wardrobe rut. I told her she has plenty of cute clothes and that I’d be happy to come over and offer a different perspective on them.  I’m sure most of us have looked through our closets and have looked past the mountains of clothes we have and thought to ourselves, “I have nothing to wear.” No need to go out and drop some cold hard cash on new clothes when all you need is a bottle of wine, and a friend to come over and pair up what is in your closet with the stuff in your drawers. Here are some outfits that I ended up throwing together for Rachel for the next time she needs to head out of the house in style and comfort.

Observe the adorable summer print dress that needs to be winterized with some tights or leggings, a long sleeve shirt boots and a cute belt.

Jenny decides to model her sister’s clothes.

Rachel- “I NEVER would have thought of pairing this together.”

Incorporating a long vest with a cute printed blouse and a scarf with a pop of color.

Pairing a delicate, feminine blouse over a neutral dress and a shoe with color.

A print, a structured blazer and some skinny jeans.

Rachel never wore this vintage jacket out. That clearly needs to change. Look how cute it is!

Black and brown, one of my favorite “donts” with an awesome printed cardigan and hip belt.

A shimmering, slouchy sweater thrown over a dress. So comfy.

Rachel was given this gorgeous flower pin by her father in law. She’s never worn it. I changed the cowl neck sweater’s neckline into an asymmetrical one by pinning it with the flower. She’s so excited to wear it next time she seems him now.

Incorporating a fair isle knit sweater.


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9 Responses to Rachel’s Wardrobe Remix

  1. rachel says:

    Thanks Nora! You are a clothing remixologist!
    Seriously, this was such a blast and I feel like I went on a shopping spree 🙂
    (And next time, I will take a shower and put on my face before you paste it all over the internet!!)

  2. Rachel- you’re adorable with or without makeup. You’re a natural beauty!

  3. Tessa Auza says:

    Wowee Wow WOW. I am still buzzing from the amazing energy and confidence from just being there for this!! I cannot wait for my remix!

  4. Jen says:

    SO FUN! and creative and awesome! I can’t wait for my turn! xoox


  5. Anna Marie says:

    Wow! This is so cool. I smell a new business idea, Nora! I need a remix too!!

    • nuprinz says:

      RIGHT!? psst…I’m working on a freelance/consulting business plan for Nora for when she finally believes that this is completely plausible.

  6. lynn says:

    who knew you had all those looks

  7. Claudine says:

    Where do I sign up? Snores, you are an awesome stylist!

  8. Jeanine says:

    I have wine, Nora. When are you coming over to do this for me? I should warn you, my closet is full of laughably horrible clothes that can’t be remixed. But you’re up for a challenge, right?

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