A new leash on life

Smiling for spring

I just realized that I never updated y’all about my dog Levee, and the mast cell tumor that we had to have surgically removed from her hind leg. K and I received the news from the surgeon  that the biopsy results showed it was a grade 1 tumor, with clean margins! What this means is that it was the least aggressive type of cancer, and  that  the surrounding tissue was not cancerous- i.e. the cancer did not spread. I can not tell you how relieved K and I are, and how incredibly humbled we are by all of the support and kindness our friends and family showed us while we waited on pins and needles for the results. Our dog means the world to us, so I have even more gratitude that I get to wake up each morning to her wiggling butt and kisses on my face.



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2 Responses to A new leash on life

  1. Mon says:

    This is wonderful. I’m so happy for you guys.

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