Tai’s Closet Remix

After I remixed Rachel’s closet a few weeks ago, Tai hit me up and asked me to come over and take a look at her wardrobe to shake things up. She offered pork fried rice (the girl can COOK) and some wine and some company- how could I say no? Tai is a natural beauty, so I knew it’d be cake.

She confessed that she is in a closet rut, stuck in the jeans and dark t-shirt comfort zone. I thought I’d add some of the more colorful pieces in her wardrobe back into rotation (it is spring after all). Tai also recently dropped some substantial weight, so I thought it’d be a damn shame to rob the world of seeing her fine figure. Check her out!

Here we have Tai with some sparkle on sparkle . The jeans are casual, but I added the orange cardigan (a great color on her) with some beautiful intricate beading, on top of a lighter neutral shirt with some shine. She was trying on the 2 different heels to see which she liked better with  the outfit. I think both could work.

Tai wasn’t sure how to wear this gorgeous jewel tone, red camisole. I layered over a lighter colored slip, and added the white velvet jacket for some structure. Those zebra shoes are pretty hot too.

I love this art-deco inspired shirt. It has flutter sleeves, and is super feminine. I layered it over the slip again, and added a shiny belt to accentuate her waist. Again, check out the alternating shoes.

Black and white, mixed with a pencil skirt (these look fabulous on Tai!) and patterned hosiery. Hot.

Another fabulous jewel tone blouse, a pencil skirt, the hot zebra shoes and a white linen jacket with an orange flower. Lookin” good, Tai.

White jeans, a gold patterned tunic and a neutral shoe.

Tai has a great black shift dress with a crochet neckline that she wasn’t sure how to wear. I thought the cropped cardigan would show off her natural waist, and we added the studded flats for comfort.

This tie back shirt has a teal tank top under it. Also, check out her gams!

Tai has a great tunic with zipper details on it. Very rock and roll. I added an oxford under it and a bright scarf to balance out the Joan Jettness of it 🙂

Tai wanted to find a way to wear these lace overlay pants. I paired a structured jacket that hit at her hip and a white, ruffled blouse underneath.

Thanks for the good time Tai!


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4 Responses to Tai’s Closet Remix

  1. Jen says:

    Fabulous! Tai looks amazing in all those! Job well done Nora.. excited about wednesday!! xoxo


  2. bridgette says:

    Beautiful work Nora!

  3. tkb says:

    i took the ideas and have ben loving them! now actively soliciting inspiration for my next haircut…..

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