Jenny’s Closet Remix

Check out my home girl Jenny! As you can clearly see by this photo, Jen is a shy, introvert who is not at all comfortable in front of the camera. Is there an extreme sarcasm font?

Jen is hilarious, gorgeous, talented and may have one of the biggest hearts ever. She is a ridiculously talented makeup artist. She asked me to come over to her house to peruse her closet and pull out a few outfits. Of course, we turned the occasion into a ladies night, complete with champagne, music, olives, cheese, bread and some awesome potato pancakes that Jen whipped up. Seriously Jenny, is there anything you at which you *aren’t* good?

Check out the results of Jenny’s closet remix. She’s got a lot of fun clothes with which to play!


About scrapplequeen

Tri-coastal. PHL->SF->CHI.
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3 Responses to Jenny’s Closet Remix

  1. A Fairview On Fashion says:

    Cute post! I love the outfit in the final picture with the fabulous green earrings.

  2. Thanks! Jenny’s got a closet full of adorable clothes and accessories 🙂

  3. Jen says:

    HAHAHA! Ah-mazing. You are the sweetest Miss Nora! Thank you for all your kind and generous words, you made me feel absolutely FABULOUS! xoxo

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