The weekend, in photos

How is it that weekends seem to zoom by like a flash of lightning?

I spent last Wednesday evening checking out this Topshop Party with Tessa and Jenny. Plenty of booze and plenty of spring fashion kept the party fun and interesting.


Friday, K and I drove up to Milwaukee to hang with his brother, sister in law, and some friends that are leaving the country to embark on a one year tour of Eastern Europe and South East Asia. Friday night we spent at a dance event in the Milwaukee Art Museum, checking out the awesome art. Later on we headed out for some late night Greek food and then made it in time for last call at The Foundation Tiki Bar.
One of my faves. The detail & lighting of this painting are AMAZING.
Hello, from a 16th century German mirror
Foundation Tiki Bar, Milwaukee
Foundation's Blue Hawaiian &Mai Tai

Saturday afternoon, we spent most of the day checking out vintage and thrift stores in the Third Ward before we headed back to Chicago, where I promptly fell asleep in my own bed and slept 13 hours straight.
Who needs this in their life? I think I do.
Oh Milwaukee, I love you.
My worst nightmare
That clown is already giving me night terrors.


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