Summer 2012 Chicago Bucket List

Hot Fun in the Summertime

(Photo from 2 summers ago in my friend Tracy’s backyard. Julia and I are making use of the slip n’ slide, while a very pregnant Tracy sits and her son sprays us down.)

YOU GUYS. Memorial Day weekend is approaching, and with that, the unofficial start of summer. With that info, here are the top 10 things I hope to accomplish by milking every second of the 99 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Chicago summertime is where it’s at!

  1. Ride my bike as much as possible
  2. Participate in a mud run
  3. Finally use the BOKA gift certificate that’s been pinned to my refrigerator for a long overdue date night with K.
  4. Swim!
  5. Catch some live music under the city stars at Millenium Park
  6. Come up with a signature cocktail to sip in friends yards and stoops
  7. Make an evening drive to Milwaukee for a Kopps burger and custard
  8. Kayak the Chicago River
  9. Get out to photograph the city more often with my DSLR
  10. Visit the top of the Willis Sears Tower and hit up the skydeck to challenge my insane fear of heights.

What’s on your Summer to-do list?


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