A Meat-free June


Last year, I was inspired by this blogger and his experiment to go vegan for 30 days.  After reading his blog, I decided that I wanted to try going vegetarian for the month of June in 2011. For those of you reading that are vegetarian or vegan, I respect your choices. I do eat meat, but I try to balance my diet with a full array of fruits and vegetables, and I try to buy meat that is local, ethically and sustainably raised.
That being said, the purpose of last year’s “Meatless June” was to see if I would feel differently physically, as well as an attempt to become more aware of the food I was shoveling into my gullet. I was doing ok, until day 28 when a friend of mine made me a home made Korean BBQ sandwich, forgetting that I was trying to refrain from meat for another two days. In essence, I “sat down before the finish line.” To be fair, it was an incredibly delicious sandwich.
The other day a high school friend tagged me on Facebook, saying that my meatless June from 2011 inspired her to try it out, and so I made a friendly competition with her- we would both commit to eating meat- free for the month of June. If one person cracked, then that person had to send some sort of food from her city to the other person. (She lives right outside of Philly, while I live in Chicago.) Both Philly and Chicagoans love their meats- Philly is reknown for its hoagies and cheesesteaks, while Chicagoans love all things steak or encased meats. It very well may be a rough month for both of us 🙂
If you are vegetarian, I’d love for you to share any recipes or favorite dishes for me to try! Here’s hoping I make it to July 1st!


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One Response to A Meat-free June

  1. Mon says:

    Love this, and you’re sweet for linking me – really enjoying the journey so far! Hope you’re hanging in there. Didn’t realize it was last June. Weird.

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