I am a city girl. I love cities, and I can’t imagine ever not living in or within close proximity of a major city. That being said, every so often I absolutely crave the balance of solitude and space and nature.
This past weekend, K and I joined some close friends to enjoy the last days of summer at a beach house on Lake Michigan. It was a wonderful way to reconnect with nature and friends over bonfires on the beach, swimming in a still warm lake, feeling warm sand in my toes, playing with a dog on an open stretch of beach and gazing at stars. Replacing TV were open views from windows onto trees and a Great Lake, conversations and laughter around a fireplace, meals gathered together around a large table and football catches in the lake.
Good morning, Michigan.
Nature, I like you.
Morning Coffee with my wonderful man.
The lineup.
Last supper
Josh & Rachel
Vacation weekend with good friends. Not a bad gig.


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One Response to Recharging

  1. artsmith7 says:

    Very nice shots – like these a lot !

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