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I know I’m not the only American who is still trying to sort out the thoughts and emotions that surfaced in me along with the election this past Tuesday. And I’m not going to delve into my political beliefs online, nor am I going to tell you what I think you should believe. I am also not going to make gross generalizations about what “type” of person you are based on your political leanings, especially online or on social media, which tends to be the worst platform for true constructive DISCUSSION. (Although I must add that most of my Facebook feed has been respectful, for which I am incredibly grateful). I will say this – I think most (if not all) of us can agree that there is A LOT of work WE ALL need to do as a nation to make living here a better place for all of us. And while most of us do not have the means or resources to make huge sweeping changes to our culture or economy, we all can absolutely start on a micro level, even if that just means “try to be kind to all people”.

My birthday is coming up in under 2 weeks. I would love nothing more than to inspire people to commit to at least one small action to be a part of the solution. Please consider contributing time or money or resources to help someone or something that needs help (and there are plenty!), and please consider thinking about what you say and ask yourself if it is truly constructive to add to the discourse before you say it. I’d love for us all to work at inspiring each other, and not drag each other down. I’m working on actively trying to be less cynical- I’d rather go through life hopeful and occasionally being disappointed by people or situations than to go through life being disappointed BY life. I’m hoping that you share the same thoughts and if you are American, that you take responsibility for having a role in creating a “more perfect union”.

I’m listing below 37 different organizations that have some sort of influence on me, and if you find that you can donate time/money or resources to them, I’d love that as a gift. If you aren’t able, I’d love it if you would just try your hardest to be kind to people, even if they make it a challenge for you to do that. Thanks for reading this, and please feel free to pass along!

Alex’s Lemonade Stand
Slow Food Chicago
Philly Friends of the Free Library
Angelic Organics
Growing Power
University City Hospitality Coalition
Ronald McDonald House
Anderson Monarchs
SIDS Research
St Colettas
Found Chicago
WOunded Worrior Project
Louis Kids
Lindy Hoppers Fund
Toys for Tots
Hurricane Sandy Relief
Tied to Greatness
Surfrider Foundation
Habitat For Humanity
Teach For America
Operation Smile
Jazz Foundation
American Cancer Society
Autism Speaks
Energy Foundation
American Red Cross
Glass Slipper Project
Chicago Cares
Chicago Architecture Foundation
Girls Rule


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2 Responses to Post election thoughts…

  1. Tessa Auza says:

    So very very proud of you Nora….

  2. Tessa Auza says:

    Just saw this and thought of how you are a ripple in all of this change:!

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