Busy vs. Productive

BUSY. As much as I hate that word, that is exactly what I’ve been as of late. I hate the word “busy” as it connotes (to me) a worker bee mentality, occupying time and head space with clutter- “stuff” that just gets in the way of truly being able to be productive and present. I am working on changing being “busy” to being PRODUCTIVE.
Thanksgiving came and went in a blur (as did my birthday), and we are now in the lion’s den of the holiday season. I was able to head back to Philly to visit my family for Thanksgiving, and I’m so glad that I made the time to do that. About 4 days after returning from Philly, I boarded another flight to Jamaica for a wedding. It was my first time in Jamaica, and it was fantastic. Beautiful island, beautiful people, great food, music and culture.
Currently it is grey and cold in Chicago, so it is back to the reality of winter, I guess. I’m looking forward to spending the holidays with K and his family, as well as our great group of Chicago friends.

Morning ocean horse ride, anyone? #nofilter
Time for some street meat
Me & @kevinkmp
Congratulations, Julee and Paul!
Sunset solitude
This does not suck.
The park with my niece.
Old Philly, New Philly


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