Tabla Rasa

The woods are lovely, dark and deep
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Here’s hoping that 2013 brings us all insurmountable joy, peace and love.

I don’t really make New Years resolutions, but I do try to make some goals. I was reading one of the newer blogs that I stumbled across this year, and I read some wise words.

“Goals that are not written down are just wishes.”

Man, Bex, you really nailed it with that one. (BTW, if you don’t follow, you really should. The woman is a total badass and an enormous source of day to day inspiration.)

So, in an effort to make my wishes into goals, I’m sharing with you some of my goals for the new year.
1) Continue on my quest to eat mostly whole foods
2) Get outside every day for at least 15 minutes
3) Sweat every day
4) Make meditation into a habit
5) Travel to Thailand
6) Complete a 52 weeks photo project
7) Eat my meals distraction-free (I’m looking at you, computer!)
8) Be more present in all of my interactions
9) Read at least a book a month
10) At least double my income
11) Cultivate quality relationships
12) Learn at least a new recipe a month
13) Surf
14) Visit my friends in San Francisco
15) Participate in a CSA
16) Organize my house to make it a living space that is inviting

There ya go! Just a few ideas that have been rolling in my head for a bit. What are your 2013 goals?


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Tri-coastal. PHL->SF->CHI.
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3 Responses to Tabla Rasa

  1. Jen Mayer says:

    I’ll do the book a month with you!

  2. Tessa Auza says:

    I wanna help! I wanna help! Do want me to nag you? Cause I’ll do it!

    Also I really want to help you with your home. I know its been on your mind forever so let me know what I can do to MAKE IT HAPPEN this year!

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